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Writing is a lonely pursuit, but a worthy one. Rebel Author Lynne Golodner shares tips on writing, publishing, building community, and finding opportunities to write with others! I send weekly letters every Monday, and Subscribers get bonus content, quarterly meetups, live writers hours, monthly book giveaways, free Writing Coaching calls and more!!

Hi, I’m Lynne!

I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pen. I live in Detroit now and am the mother of four young adults, author of 8 books (2 poetry, 6 nonfiction) and a forthcoming novel, WOMAN OF VALOR, and I’m married to my second husband and the love of my life who is my biggest cheerleader drowning out all the voices that told me over the years that writing is a nice hobby but not a professional pursuit.

I’m laughing all the way to the bank! All I’ve ever done is write and get paid for it because I’m scrappy, and I believe that writing is the BEST thing I can do with my time. I spent 15 years as a journalist in New York, Washington, D.C., and Detroit, launched a marketing company and then returned to writing full-time because it’s what I love. Oh, and I teach writing and coach writers on brand-building and publishing.

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In 2023, I launched Scotia Road Books, the publishing imprint for women over 40 with strong voices that need to be heard. I believe in doing things my way, instead of jumping through hoops to please others. What would be different for you if you let your voice lead?

photo by Melanie Reyes

I also host the Make Meaning Podcast, where I interview authors about their writing and publishing journeys.

Can’t wait to talk more with you about all things writing and daring to be fully who you are!

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Author, Make Meaning Podcast host, Publisher of Scotia Road Books, writer, mother, swimmer, writing coach, marketing strategist, proud Detroiter, always finding the poetry in life.